Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top 7 Reasons why this weekend sucked balls...

I'm only doing 7 because 10 just feels whiny and a bit overdone....

7) Prolonged and in depth conversations about mushroom stamps. (I'm not even gonna link to the definition of this, google it for yourself)

6) 2 hours of sleep on Sat. night....bleh

5). A big party, that I'd even secured childcare to attend and I didn't feel well enough to drink or enjoy myself at all.

4) My newly neutered dog is having a ball sac problem, for which I am now taking 1/2 a day off work to find out how serious it is or isn't...(this will probably be it's own post soon, stay tuned)

3) My PC is dying a slow and painful death....

2) Drama, damaged relationships, and scared children...This WILL be its own post once I wrap my head around it.

1) Possibly, worst of all...My dumb ass DVR hasn't been recording any of my shows and I just figured it out Sat. night (see #6)

I know one day I'll be happy to have problems as simple and easily repaired as these, but for now....this weekend can SUCK IT.