Thursday, January 22, 2009

Going Green

I get made fun of ALOT for trying to be green. Just so you know I was recycling before it was the cool thing to do, and I have never, would never, own a t-shirt that says something to the effect of "I'm cool because I recycle". I do buy organic when I can, I take reusable bags to the grocery store, I use eco-friendly cleaning products, not the pseudo eco-friendly ones. I do my homework, I look into companies that claim to be green, to make sure they are, before I patronize them.

In the spirit of full disclosure the irony of my green-ness is that everything I purchase is paid for with the money my husband makes working for an oil refinery, and is transported in my tank of an SUV. Hey, I am doing what I can.

My next green project is gardening. I'm sure I will find this to be quite challenging because although I have managed to keep my 3 children alive, no other living creature has survived long in my house (or my back yard). My raised bed garden will be all organic. I am building a leaf mold compost pile, and making a worm bin for kitchen refuse compost. I haven't nailed down all the details, but I will take pictures of the progress and post here along the way. As if life wasn't busy enough!

Here are two websites I just found.
Blue Avocado This company is based in Austin. I ordered some of these last night. They are affordable and much more versatile than the bags sold at the grocery store.

Laundry Tree I ordered the trial size soap nut kit, to see if I like how it works in our laundry. If it works well this could be a great way to save money and be green at the same time. No more purchasing detergents in plastic containers.

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