Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have often heard that it takes three weeks of doing something for it to become a habit. Since today marks the end of the first 3 weeks of 2009, any new year's resolutions begun on Jan 1st should be habit by now, right???? I'm not so sure if the 3 week rule applies to New Year's resolutions because so many resolutions revolve around issues we've been unsuccessful in dealing with in the past. I want to lose weight, I want to save money, I want to eat healthier, etc. etc. Setting such general goals, sets us up for failure from the start because as soon as you perceive that you haven't lost the weight, saved the money, or whatever, it is chalked up as another failure.

"Oh well, I'll try again next year"

This is the first year I have ever made any resolutions because I have always assumed I'd fail to meet my own expectations. I wasn't remarkably creative with the resolutions I came up with, but I tried to be very specific.

Instead of "I want to lose weight" I resolved to lose 5 lbs a month. If I fail this month I can still succeed next month.

Instead of "I want to save money" I resolved to stop buying to-go drinks every time I run errands. I had calculated that I was spending about $100.00 a month driving through to buy myself a drink 2 times per day.

Instead of "I want to be more thoughtful" I resolved to try to acknowledge everyone's birthday this year with a card or a phone call. I am falling behind on this since my Grandpa's birthday has already passed, but that is what they make "be-lated" cards for right!?

Finally, instead of "I want to get in better shape" I resolved to run 3, 5k's and 1 half marathon during this calendar year. My first 5K is on Mar 7th and I have recruited about 10 people to do it with me so there is no backing out now!!!

I guess only time will tell if I am able to be firm in my resolve and accomplish the goals I set for myself. If not, there is always next year.

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