Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love and Marriage

I just 'celebrated' my 10 year wedding anniversary, by celebrated I mean the day came and went and we acknowledged it with a quick dinner at a decent restaurant. Not quite the pomp and circumstance I imagined for my 10th anniversary, but then again being married hasn't turned out like I'd imagined either.

Coming from a family where people can barely count the number of their marriages on one hand (some need both hands), I never really had an example of what a successful marriage looks like. What I always saw was, when it starts to suck, you leave!!! Having been married to the same man that I both love and, at times, despise, I can say that sometimes it does suck. Sometimes the responsibilities of life can knock the wind out of any romance we might experience. How do you lust after a man whose leaves traces of his ball powder all over the floor, or whose pee you have to wipe off the toilet because his aim was off? I'm sure that goes both ways , though I can't imagine what I might do wrong!

Sometimes we are more different than we are alike, sometimes we are just putting up with each other to get through the day. In the end it does seem like we like each other more than we don't, and we always have things to talk about. We may not agree with, or even understand, each other's positions on many of life's issues, but there is still a mutual respect that keeps us where we are. I guess that is more important that the little things, like the fact that he would much rather rent movies at home and I want to live at the theater, and he thinks camping is a vacation and I'm more into spas and facials. In the end if it turns out that the little things are, in fact, more important, I can always turn to chocolate and a good vibrator to keep me company!!!

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