Friday, June 25, 2010

Physical Perfection

This video has been on Disney Channel for a few years. My middle child who is now six and has moved on to more, eh, mature cartoons like spongebob and chowder had forgotten all about this video. At one time he would stop whatever he was doing to come watch this song. I'd like to tell you it was because he has such an ear for music or an eye for dancing, but if you watch the video you'd find that hard to believe. No, he would watch any video with this girl in it and turn and say,

"Mommy I wish you looked like her."

"Uh, yeah son I'll uhhhh work on that."

This is the child that likes to critique my choice of clothes, jewelry and the way I am wearing (or not wearing) my makeup. He is also very concerned with his own appearance as well, he dresses himself and always makes sure to match, cleans all the dirt off his shoes, and we can spend forever making sure his baseball uniform is just right. (Yes these might be red flags, and I have to admit it puts a little joy in my heart at the thought of it, but I digress)

Anyway from the time he was 3.5 until about 5 years old he would remind me what exactly I should be aiming for in my physical appearance. Thin, long black hair, preferably of Latin decent, sharpie eyebrows and gaudy hoop earrings. Almost every time I would come up short, and he was usually ok with that. Occasionally I would have to reassure him that it is ok that his mom wasn't a hot Disney Channel train conductor, it wasn't the end of the world. At some point he grew out of his obsession with my looks, although he still gives me plenty of helpful advice to help in my pursuit of physical perfection.

Anyway, today this video happened to come on while he was in the room. He stopped, looked at me, looked back at the TV and said,

"Yeah, you still don't look like her. I guess that will never happen!"

And gave me the best look of condolence he could muster. It kinda reminded me of the way the judges on American idol look at the bat-shit crazy reject contestants that everyone likes to laugh at.

I'm such a let down to so many people, for so many reasons.

Gotta go, I've got an appointment with my eyebrow wax and a Sharpie.

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m said...

dear LORD you are so funny.
that's stinkin hilarious. she is perfection, don't you know?? l would roll over and die if he was a certain way, don't you think?? we'll just see!