Thursday, February 5, 2009

Check it out!!

2 posts in one day!?? Yay for you!

I'm done stewing in my own self pity, well not really but I do think I'm done blogging about it anyway.
Here are some sites I've come across that I really like.

Suburban Turmoil
I just came across this blog this afternoon, but I really like her sense of humor and she links to alot of cool sites.

Suburban Turmoil Product reviews
This one should be pretty self explanatory, if not enroll yourself in the nearest GED program.

Create your own experience
Maybe I'm a bit partial to her because we seem to have a lot in common, but she has some cool links too.

Thoughts from a Liberal Mom
Living in the armpit of conservative America , this is the blog of my dreams.

Then, I found this Site when I searched for articles about IKEA (Oh how I love thee) and its' green-ness. They post about 30 articles each day so there is plenty to keep you busy.

Snorg tees
because a plain t-shirt is just a waste of space!

Check this List Of The Day (LOTD) post. Somehow inappropriateness with balloon animals just seems so wrong on so many levels.

When I'm not feeling so lazy I'll put these on my sidebar. For now I have to go do some damage control. While cooking dinner, I set off 2 smoke detectors and burnt my finger, which led to some inappropriate language in front of tender little ears.

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