Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Letter to my Senator

I am, by no means, a political activist. I don't even enjoy talking politics with my friends and family. I can't even believe I am blogging about anything political, but I've been reading a few blogs written by some well spoken, politically minded women, and I was moved to contact my senator for the first time ever.

Here is my Letter.

Senator Cornyn,

I am writing to you to express my sincere disappointment in your "no" vote on the Lilly Ledbetter Act. I have read through this legislation and cannot begin to understand your opposition on a measure that would require employers to pay women as they would pay men for the same job. I realize that there is some concern over "frivolous lawsuits", but I don't consider the desire for fair and equal pay to be a frivolous request. The fact that this is even an issue in 2009 is amazing to me, but the fact that my Senator voted against it is utterly disheartening. I do not think women should have to constantly look over their shoulders to make sure they are being treated fairly, but I suspect this is something that you, as a man, can simply take for granted.
I hope, in the future, when women's equality is on the table, you'll consider the perspective of the women you represent, and vote for giving them the rights that you have been able to expect for yourself.

Hugs and Kisses, (Actually it was, Sincerely)
The Suburban Psychotic (Yes of course I put my real name).

If I do get a response, I'll post it here.

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Jennifer said...

Very well written & kudos for telling your Senator how he's misrepresented your personal view. I'd love to hear what your Senator's office says in response to the letter. It seems you feel very strongly about this so you may consider forwarding a copy of your letter to the local paper as an opinion piece or even the TV News or local radio. You never know what might happen when enough of us start speaking out ;) I just wished we had senate representation! Our senate race is in the court system right now so we're experiencing Taxation w/out Representation. Hmmm. I may have to write a letter now! lol Looking forward to the update!