Friday, February 20, 2009

Foto Friday

Thought I'd participate in Foto Friday!
This is a pier near my house that was destroyed in Hurricane IKE!

Now that I finally know how to upload pics w/o messing up my entire post (Thank you Stacey) I'll finally be able to blog about my little garden, and show you the nutria rat that tried to eat my children.


Jennifer said...

Wow-amazing the pier is still somewhat standing! Amazing photo-you got skills girl! Glad you figured out how to show them off in bloggyland. I'm just worried about that rat! Sounds scary! ;)

Thanks for participating in Foto Friday!

Monike said...

wow - great letter to the senator. you are so proactive. what do you think is the easiest way to keep yourself informed?

please tell me about your garden. i went to homestead heritage today (a little Mennonite community out here in waco), and ate range-free beef and garden vegetables and looked at local hand thrown pottery. i whined to my friends about how i'm desperate for a garden, and this weather makes me want one even more. what have you planted? do you have a garden for vegetables and for flowers? i must say, i want both.