Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The White Knot

I was going to blog about my new garden (which is really just a box of dirt right now) but a conversation I just had has my mind on other things.

It makes me sad that marriage equality is even an issue. I was in complete disbelief when Prop 8 passed in California, I just can't believe that some people are so short sighted and judgemental of others. I will never buy into the "But the Bible says...." argument because God and religion do not make our civil laws, they just don't. By asking to be legally married, homosexuals are not asking for entry into anyone's heaven, they just want to be treated like humans while they are here on earth. One of my favorite arguments against gay marriage is that it threatens the sanctity of traditional marriage....well if the fact that two people love each other and want to commit to spending their lives together is a threat to your marriage, your issues go beyond homophobia!!!
I could go on and on and on, but I'll spare you!
This is a petition for Californians to sign against Prop 8, but there is a slide show worth watching (even if you're not from Ca), and here is way to show support for marriage equality. Just in case you're interested!!!


mommapolitico said...

Being a Californian, I am disheartened by the vote on Prop. 8, or that it even got onto the ballot. Having so many friends and family that are gay or lesbian, I am disgusted that their civil rights have been violated in this bigoted way. Just saw a great commercial for an organization called gettoknowusfirst.com.
As my husband and I creep up on our 19th wedding anniversary, I sincerely hope that so many of the folks who helped us celebrate our wedding day will regain the right to have their own. Great post, SP. Thanks.

monike said...

hi sister,

i totally agree with you. it really irritates me when christians feel like it's okay for them to press their beliefs on others. as far as i'm concerned, i was taught to love others above all else...and doing that has nothing to do with love.

your blog is hilarious. i've really enjoyed reading it...i can't wait to see more! love you.